More Buying Power. Less Hassle.

Promotional financing provides offers that cater to your needs and keeps more money in your pocket today.
  • Simple Online Application with Instant Decisioning
  • Shop Offers Without Affecting Credit Score
  • Receive Instant Approval
  • 5-Month Purchase Window to Spend On Your Loan
  • No Early Payment Penalty On Any Loans

How to Repay Your Loan

Manage Your Loan Online

For loans approved before March 2023, please pay your bill at


You can also pay your bill by phone at 855-943-3485.

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How it Works

Step 1

Receive application from an
approved provider of Momnt

Step 2

Submit your application and view
pre-qualified offers

Step 3

Get approved and funded

Step 4

Transact with your merchant for up to 5 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Momnt offers multiple promotional financing options that can address your budgetary
needs. Instead of paying cash, keep more money in your pocket and get interest rates that are
typically much lower than a credit card.

Your loan is only valid to pay for products and services offered through the merchant you applied with.

Your merchant will request payments by sending an SMS message to the number you provide in your application. This message will include information on how to accept or reject payments. Once you accept a payment, your loan balance will increase by the amount of the payment.

For your convenience, Momnt takes payment online or by phone. Please visit or call 855-943-3485. For security purposes, be prepared to provide your Loan Number and Security PIN to verify your identity and process your payment if paying by phone.

As Momnt is a paperless company, please do not send paper checks to Momnt or the lender for your loan. If you send a paper check the payment will not be processed and the check will be destroyed.

The purchase window is the period of time following approval of your loan that you can spend the funds with the associated merchant, up to an amount equal to the credit limit approved.

If you do not spend anything, you will not owe anything and your loan will be closed at the end of your purchasing window.