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2023: Looking Back at a Year of Profound Impact

In 2023, the addition of talented team members, partnerships, and strategic business improvements had a profound impact, leading to remarkable growth in a challenging market.

2023: Looking Back at a Year of Profound Impact

In 2023, the addition of talented team members, partnerships, and strategic business improvements had a profound impact, leading to remarkable growth in a challenging market.

Group photo of people in evening wear
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Jan 12, 2024
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Having experienced exponential growth in 2022, Momnt entered 2023 with great momentum. “We had an incredibly impactful 2023,” said Mark Satisky, CFO. “We added talented team members whose influence has been felt throughout the company. We grew the business tremendously in a challenging market - something we're all proud of. We also made a lot of significant improvements in how we run the business, including how we underwrite, onboard, price, monitor, and partner, and those improvements set us up to thrive in 2024. I’m really excited for the year ahead and can't wait to achieve what is right in front of us.”

Valuable Home Improvement Partnerships Paved the Way for Big Opportunities 

2023 marked the establishment of four powerful partnerships by our home improvement team. "It was a big year for partnerships,” said Joshua Lubbers, Partnership Account Manager. “Moving forward, we will co-create opportunities, innovate together, and make lasting connections to propel our partners and us toward shared success.” 

Looking back at the partnerships created in 2023:

Recognized as a Best Workplace in Fintech, Atlanta, and Beyond

Barclay Keith, Brian Lanehart, and Lena McDearmid, the Co-Founders of Momnt, were determined to create a fintech company with a positive, healthy, and inclusive culture. Based on the 4.6 rating on Glassdoor and the numerous workplace awards won in 2023, it’s safe to say their vision has become a reality. "We're proud of winning as many workplace awards as we did in 2023," said Kristina Passavanti, Director of Talent Acquisition. “These awards result from our commitment to cultivating a culture that focuses on our team’s happiness and well-being. With a firm belief in investing in our people, these recognitions motivate us to keep improving and to consistently set the benchmark for excellence in workplace environments.”

Looking back at the workplace awards won in 2023:

Tech Trailblazers: Honored for Innovation

By harnessing the capabilities of ML/AI and alternative data sources, Momnt’s technology enables businesses to seamlessly provide financing with a user-friendly journey for their customers. "Innovation meets intuition in our tech, delivering an experience that seamlessly enhances efficiency, accessibility, and user satisfaction,” said Brian Lanehart, President/CTO and Co-Founder at Momnt. 

Looking back at the tech awards won in 2023:

Navigate Knowledge Effortlessly: Our Beautiful New & User-Friendly Website

Building and designing a new website was an exciting project the marketing team executed in 2023. Driven by creativity and strategic thinking, the team created a visually appealing and intuitive website with a modern design. A key area of focus was to enhance the user experience by integrating smooth navigation with comprehensive information, ensuring merchants and consumers can easily locate what they need. “We’re thrilled to have launched a brand-new website that better serves our merchants, consumers, partners, lenders, and more,” said Julianna Doychinov, VP of Marketing. “Our new website showcases our cutting-edge technology, passionate people, vibrant diversity, and continuous innovation, capturing the very essence of our brand.”

Five-Star Excellence: Google Reviews Applaud Our Exceptional Customer Support Team

The essential role of a company's customer support team is universally recognized, as it has the potential to be the decisive factor in shaping a customer's perception and satisfaction. In 2023, Momnt received many five-star Google reviews praising our customer support team. “Certainly, one of the best benefits of having such a caring and supportive company culture is that our customer-facing teams extend that conscientiousness to our customers,” said Kartier Devaux, VP of Customer Experience. “We treat our customers like we treat each other, with respect, compassion, and kindness.”

Looking back at five-star Google reviews in 2023 about our customer support team:

"Great service, great people!" -Nevin

"Jade is one of the best customer care agents, she helped me break down my loan and explained it perfectly. Thank you!" -Edward

"Kendall was so much help when I called regarding my loan." -Kathleen

"I called the customer service line with questions about my existing loan. After only a very brief hold, I spoke to a lady named Lauren. She was very knowledgeable, patiently listened, and answered all of my questions." -Perry

"I truly appreciate the patience and personal concern that Shenielle displayed with me as I struggled to provide the proper information required of me in order to complete my transaction today. She really made my experience effortless and less stressful." -Anna

"Jade was my specialist and was extremely patient and helpful!" -Peggy

"I called the support number and spoke with Yessy, who walked us through the steps necessary to register an account. She patiently explained and waited while we followed her instructions. She was not only patient but polite, respectful, knowledgeable and friendly! After speaking with her we now know exactly how to proceed with our loan repayment and have been able to stop worrying about the process! Excellent customer service, Yessy! -Susanne

"Bridget was great!!!" -Madelyn

"I called customer support and spoke with Jade. She was incredibly helpful with my complicated request. She was able to resolve my issue quickly and answer all of my questions. Really appreciate it!" -Mary

Your Fast Track to Success: Innovative Financing Solutions to Achieve 2024 Goals

Are you considering teaming up with Momnt as a merchant in 2024 to offer financing that’s simple, fast, and affordable? From simplified payments to outstanding customer service and personalized product offerings, Momnt provides an innovative and seamless foundation for achieving your customer financing goals.

Starting the process of becoming a home improvement merchant or a healthcare merchant is straightforward. Simply complete this form to request to speak with one of our dedicated team members, and we will promptly provide you with a demo tailored to your business. Working with us allows your business to create new revenue streams while providing customers with affordable loan options through a secure, convenient, and easy-to-use experience.

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