Contractor shows customer renovation plans

Why Momnt Is The Best Customer Financing Option For Contractors

Momnt is your best choice when looking for customer financing for contractors.

Why Momnt Is The Best Customer Financing Option For Contractors

Momnt is your best choice when looking for customer financing for contractors.

Contractor shows customer renovation plans
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Nov 8, 2021
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Momnt is your best choice when looking for customer financing for contractors. We’re your partners in success; our priority is to help you win more sales and land bigger projects. You’ll benefit from our easy-to-use, best-in-class technology that can get cash alternatives into your customers’ hands. With Momnt, you create an efficient and frictionless experience for the homeowner while also avoiding costly project delays.

The best finance for contractors

Unlimited stage funding

  • Control your cash flow without limitations on initial customer deposits and payment frequency.

Closed-loop funding

  • Customers can only transact their Momnt-Approved funds with your business.

Attractive dealer fees

  • We save contractors on average 10-50% on their dealer fees.

Ease of use

  • Our 100% digital platform makes transacting incredibly simple. Text your client an app while on the job site.

True multi-rate offers

  • 30+ products in four categories including same-as-cash, fixed payments, fixed rates, and zero interest.

No stipulations

  • No proof of homeownership, income, or job completion certificates is required

Momnt is also great for homeowners

Promotional financing can really help homeowners finance a project. The ability to keep more cash on hand provides them an opportunity to increase the project budget, helping you land larger jobs. Promotional financing is often better than using cash, cards, or borrowing against their home. Homeowners will benefit from Momnt features such as:

Soft credit pull

  • With Momnt, your customers can shop a variety of offers while not impacting their credit score.

Instant offers

  • Our sophisticated platform presents offers within seconds.

100% digital platform

  • Your customers will enjoy the easy, paperless application process and transaction efficiency.

The best financing options available

Better than using cash

Many homeowners don’t have the cash on hand for construction projects costing thousands of dollars. Those that do are savvy enough to know that getting a same-as-cash loan, with a 6-24 month no interest payment window, allows them to keep cash in their pocket while taking advantage of a great deal.

Better than using credit cards

Credit Cards are great if you can pay them off in full each month, but that can be extremely difficult with large home renovation costs. Many credit card interest rates are substantially higher than our promotional offers. Credit limits may also prevent a project from being fully funded. With Momnt, approved homeowners can borrow up to $55,000.

Better than a HELOC

Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) involve a lot of paperwork, time going to the bank, and providing documentation. Usually, the homeowner has to put up their home as collateral for this loan. Momnt loans require no collateral.

HELOC funding can also cause project delays due to the need for constant approval to release funds. We’ve had contractors report HELOC funding extended the time of projects from 8 weeks to 8 months. During this time, the homeowner is stuck with a half remodeled home for 2/3rd’s of the year, and your valuable time is lost resulting in a negative impact on your profit.

Choose Momnt for customer financing for contractors

With Momnt financing, you can confidently begin work on a customer project, with the security of a guaranteed payment from the customer. If you’re a contractor and you’re wondering “how to offer financing to my customers” contact us using the form below and a dedicated account executive that specializes in the home improvement industry will connect with you quickly.

Momnt Promotional Financing

Learn more about offering promotional financing to your customers.

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